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New Year is Approaching, which = New Adventure
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Boost Woman
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Juried Art Show
New Year = New Beginning
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New Year is Approaching, which = New Adventure

Ok, so its been a while... sorry about that :)

Working full time and trying to do the Pottery every other waking moment has been a challenge... but when you love it as much as I do, sleep is just a "suggestion"... lol...

My work was published in our local magazine "Sudbury Living Magazine" which was very humbling for me.

Since the above publication, my phone has been ringing off the hook and the emails have been overflowing... I LOVE it :), I am very busy... yahoo!

In the New Year the Gypsy will be on the move once again :)... I will be going from an 8 x 10 room to a double car garage at our new home out in the country!!!  With this new space comes the ability to expand my business and craft.
I plan on expanding to have "Girls Night's", Kreative Kids Day's, and maybe even a "Man's Cave Night" (with me as the exception for this night... lol, I am sure I could tap into my "man voice" for this occasion... hehe).
I am soooo excited to receive all the gifts that this New Year is going to bestow upon me... my arms, heart and third eye are open to what comes!!!

That's all you get... for now :)... Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and welcome the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR into your life.
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